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Dancehall Gospel! We jus dropped it & people already beating down the walls. lol. Told you, we were not playing. Turn it up loud & get ready for #JesusParty this Friday #NYC…

There are many (Christians/Non-Christians) who claim that Marijuana is harmless since it is not birthed in a lab and found naturally on the earth. This spoken word artist offers an interesting perspective that counters that idea. #WhatDoYouThink?

The artist who goes by the name Jackie Hill makes a poignant argument that marijuana serves as a gateway to other sins such as sexual immorality, idolatry, and laziness. The artist’s personification of “Mary Jane” is not only entertaining but also offers rebuttals to the arguments made by Marijuana users and supporters. I  agree with Ms. Hill on all her points about marijuana use and besides the spiritual effects of the drug, I think even in the NATURAL, there’s gotta be a more productive use of one’s time (especially in this economy!).. I pray for all those who have fallen into the snare of drug abuse! Many claim that marijuana allows one to free their mind but true FREEDOM is found in CHRIST.  —W.W.

Dancehall Entertainer “Skerrit Bwoy” Turns Christian

Yes you heard correctly, dancehall entertainer “Skerrit Bwoy” has entered the church arena and given his life to the Lord.

Skerrit Bwoy, born Dale Richardson, has enjoyed a dynamic career in the dancehall arena for just under a decade. The Antiguan by birth started his career in Bronx New York as a “full package” entertainer – disc jockeying, dancing and promoting.

With the yellow mowhawked hype, he became internationally acclaimed after his popularizing of the dance “daggering” and his unforgettable appearance in Major Lazer’s music/dance video, “pon di floor”.

However despite a very colourful and successful career in the dancehall industry, the 27 year old entertainer has opted to change his life style and turn to the Lord.

In an interview with http://ghettolifeent.com Skerrit Bwoy announced that all of his shows have been cancelled along with appearances at any other dancehall event.

He has been quoted as saying, “…Fortunately I have found God. I’m in Christian meditation and will not be doing any parties or events outside of the will of the Lord’s.”

When asked about other career prospects to maintain himself, he responded by stating “ I  believe God has a purpose for me. I do not know, right now, what that purpose is. But I am brainstorming ideas. Ideas that will hopefully be able to keep me in the entertainment industry, to present to my minister upon his return.”

Although dedicating his life to the church and changing his particular life style, skerrit bwoy has no plans to get rid of his identifier “the yellow mowhawk.”

“…Currently I have no plans to cut my hair. I personally see no need to render my garments. But to render my heart & soul. I personally believe my hair will be an example to everyone. That regardless of appearance, that you are welcome to the kingdom of God, as you are. But if I find out that I need to, yes I will.” (http://ghettolifeent.com)

Convicted in his decision to dedicate his life to the Lord, Skerrit Bwoy maintains that the message he was sending and the environment he was creating was one of evil, one of flesh and vanity and although he tried to justify it as just entertainment, he saw it fitting to follow his spiritual hunger.

At the end of the interview his last comment was that of a scripture, Proverbs 3: 1-35.

{Taken from AntiguaChronicle.net}